Took in my car for a oil change,started noticing weeks later oil in my driveway,so I contacted Calverts told them the problem,they stated to bring the car back and they will take care of it,the workers comes out and says you have a oil leak didn't they tell u when u got oil leak I stated no,no one ever told me a thing,me knowing for a fact that I was not leaking any oil what so ever when I took the car in,so the worker stated that the guy that did my oil change may have done something wrong because he had come in to work and stated that he quit,so they said they sealed and topped off all the fluids,OK bout a week or so later my engine light comes on,I contacted them again and stated the issue,they said bring the car in I did just that,get there the lady at the counter said the wait will be long can I come back at 4:30pm,OK get back there at 4:30she said its still a long wait,I told her I needed to speak to a manager,I can't keep diving around wit my 1 year old son in the car and not know the problem,OK shop manager comes out I explained to him what's goin on,he tells me the engine light coming on has nut in to do with the oil leak,but I can get it put on the machine for $69,so I stated/why would I pay for that when clearly I had no issues til they worked on my car and not only that the car was still leaking oil after they told me it was fixed.So my mom and I ended up taking it to First one,they stated that the issue with the engine light coming on was due to oil over everything from the motor to the engine to the belts,so I give Calverts a call let them know what's goin on and I needed all the paperwork from me bringing in the car,the lady on the phone stated she was goin to look it up then give me a call back,so I received a call back from a man named Johnny,he stated that he had contacted his district manager and said that under warranty I can bring the car back and they will take a look at it,so I'm try a figure out I been calling the corporate office and no response and you get in contact in 5min,but I stated to him I was not giving that offer when I brung the car in all those times,he then said if Firestone fixes on the car then they are no longer lieable for the car unless they can look and see what the issue is,I been there 4 times and nothing has been done,then he tells me whatever Firestone says its word of mouth,I explained to him why would I come back for a 5th time whn nothing was done the first 4 times,would u keep goin back to the same place if u kept having issues,he stated no,so ok,why would i bring my car back to you,I kinda got a I really don't care attitude from him so it was best that we ended the conversation,I just stated that I will contacting corporate again and I'll just take from there all he said was we here all day if you decide to come,if the car needs to be tolled there then they would,I told him no I'm going to leave it at Firestone,Calverts in Raytown Mo on 350 Hwy is the worst experience ever,now its goin to cost $800 to fix a problem they created,and they will be held responsible

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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India #1202468

Very nice article, keep providing more and improve with the content. Normally people aren’t aware about such techniques.

I always thought about finding something different and yet here I got one.



I had a very similar issue. I went in for an oil change and 3 days later the engine light came on.

Shortly after that my car wouldn't start! I had it towed back to calverts(kcmo) and they eventually told me "we owe you an engine" (their exact words). So basically all the oil had leaked out which caused damage to the engine. I ended up renting a car for over a week due to their mistake and now I'm working on getting reimbursed for that.

I was told to contact the corporate office. I called day after day only to keep getting the run around! I called earlier and told the receptionist either the district manager needs to return my call or I'll have a lawyer get in touch with him.

She immediately became helpful so hopefully this gets resolved soon. Needless to say I won't be having my car serviced by them again!


punctuation is your friend.

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