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This is the worst business on earth. I had a coupon to get brakes for 59.99 and an oil change.

They said ok then a tech came back about 10 minutes later and said the 59.99 brakes didn't include an oil change, the 79.99 brakes did and they had a lifetime warranty. The 59.99 brakes only had a year warranty. I agreed to get the brakes for 79.99 that included the oil change. The tech came back about 10 minutes later and said they didn't have the 79.99 in stock therefore I couldn't get the oil change and the one's they had were 99.99 and 40.00 to turn my rotors.

I asked how can you advertise on tv and not have what you need in stock? Was told they service lots of cars, I was the only one there at the time. I asked if I could have the 99.99 for the 79.00 price since they were out of the 79.99 ones. I was told no because they have to make a profit.

I then told them to put the 59.99 brakes on my car and turn the rotors and let me leave. About 10 minutes another tech came out and me I had ball bearings and tire end rods that were bad and needed replacing. I knew better and let them know I only wanted my brakes done and any other services were not needed or approved by me. They took over one and a half hours completing my brakes out of spite.

When they did finish, the clerk asked me to sign a waiver stating that the brakes they put on my car were not the quality of brakes and if something happened they were not liable. I asked why was I not told that before the services my car. They explained some BS about them giving me what I requested. I asked are these brakes safe, they said they were.

I am planning on Calling the Attorney General in Missouri to complain about the price gauging.

I watched them tell 3 more customers they needed things that were unnecessary. NEVER GO TO THIS BUSINESS

Product or Service Mentioned: Calverts Express Auto Service And Tire Brake Special Deal.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $115.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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O Fallon, Illinois, United States #1264448

Thank you for reporting your experience. They ripped us off too.

Filed BBB currently no good results. I don't know why they're getting away with this, but they are. We went in for the check engine light, they billed us $2275. One hour later, it came on again.

The district mgr was a no show when rescheduled per their request. Weeks went by (if not months), for the district manager to do whatever he claimed to have done. Well, 1-2 days later, the check engine light's back on. The car will not pass emissions and is currently unable to drive, when before, it worked fine outside of the c.e.

light. I'll be filing too.

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