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I went to Calvert's Express because they are always putting their ads in my paper so it was convenient and close to my work. The manager has an attitude on the phone to begin with.

I went to have my brakes done and paid 252.00 for 1 year brake pads and rotors. I started noticing squealing when I would stop so I took my car back in and they said because Ford recommended ceramic brake pads and they used a different kind, that I would have to deal with the screeching. I said, so I can buy brake pads over the counter from any auto parts store and have them put on by any regular person and my brakes have never screeched; not ever, but i pay you all 252.00 and my brakes screech. He said because I didn't pay 80.00.

so i said because I didn't pay more money, you all put substandard parts on my car? He said he gave me a choice. I hate this place and will never go back to this horrible place.

They are a joke and a rip off and I am NOT a business. I'm just a regular single, working mom trying to keep my car running right.

Monetary Loss: $252.

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Bristol, Connecticut, United States #734639

so did he give you an option? there's 3 kinds ceramic,semi metallic/full metallic, and organic.

semi metallic is the worst.

go for ceramics for sure. But do you actually remember him giving u these options or what did he tell you?

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