Calverts Express Auto Service And Tire Car Repair Reviews

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I was crying and shaking scared due to a certian kind of "rim" my spare was on. I had already had a tire from that set of rims "pop off the truck" about 3-4 weeks before, while driving, so I put my old tires and rims back on. Got a flat going to work. So I had to put the new tire with the iffy rim on the truck to get to the closest tire shop. Calvert's now comes into play. 8:15am I get to Calvert's and I told them what had happened with the...
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I took my car to brakes plus on Saturday and was told i would receive a call closer to 5 that day.I did not teceive a call and i called them at 4:45 to see if my car was ready and it wasn't.So they had to keep it over the weekend.About 10 am they call me and say its gonna be close to $300 but I had a coupon for $79.They said somethint about my roters,but my brakes where not geinding,and I bought it in after one day of sqeeking.Then I saud do...
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